In 2010, Project Paz promoted and supported the development of community groups established in underdeveloped neighborhoods of Ciudad Juarez, México through Fundación del Empresariado Chihuahuense, A.C. (FECHAC). The purpose of supporting Community Based Organizations (CBOs) was to provide community members the power to control their own decision-making and resources.

This program helped keep community members actively engaged as partners in their developmental process. Experience indicated that under clear rules, with access to information and, with adequate support, members of a community have the capacity to organize themselves in an effective manner and generate goods and services to satisfy their immediate priorities. This program, established a new paradigm of development that promotes and facilitates community empowerment, creation of opportunities, changes in behaviors and attitudes from its members, as well as an optimistic view of the future.

By the end of 2011, this initiative closed with 23 groups composed of 230 people. In turn, these groups helped develop skills that have benefited about 690 people in the community during the two years of support and training offered

230 community members involved
609 beneficiaries

To provide an incentive for communities to be active participants in the solution of local problems through a series of community development programs in the education, health, and social capital sectors. These programs consist on a series of capacity-building activities in the arts and trades, directed towards the population in general, in the west and southeast areas of the city.By collaborating with the US/MEXICO Border Philanthropy Partnership, FECHAC created an exploration for community intervention. In 2008, they launched community initiatives in favor of the development of capacity and skills training of members of underdeveloped neighborhoods in Ciudad Juarez.